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Dave Geffin – Improve Your Visual Eye, Invest In Film

Dave Geffin

Photographer and videographer Dave Geffin talks about how going back to shooting film has been the best investment for his digital stills and motion work.

Street Portraits – by Jonathan Hanson

Street Portraits

Baltimore-based photographer Jonathan Hanson shares photos from his new street portrait series.

Shadows in Greece – by Enri Canaj

Shadows in Greece

Athens, Greece-based photographer Enri Canaj has been working on a project called “Shadows in Greece” for the past two years.

Colour of Night – by Morgan Ommer

Color of the Night

Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam-based photographer Morgan Ommer shoots street photography at night.

Me’n’Streets of San Francisco – by Juan Carlos

Streets of San Francisco

Photographer Juan Carlos, based between San Francisco and El Salvador, shares a series of photos of San Francisco streets.

In The Gutter – by David Lykes Keenan

In The Gutter

Street photographer David Lykes Keenan, based in Austin and Brooklyn, announces the availability of his first book of photographs entitled “In The Gutter”.

Thoughts of a Street Photographer – by Alex Coghe


Italian photojournalist Alex Coghe, currently based in Mexico City, shares his street photography.

Fair Witness – by David Lykes Keenan

Mannequin New York City

Photographer David Lykes Keenan splits time between Austin, Texas and Brooklyn, NY, and is working on a street photography book project called Fair Witness.