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Homeless Series – by Tomas Ovalle


Central California based photographer Tomas Ovalle shares his Instagram Homeless series which he shot on his phone over the past year.

Mermaids: Kellie & Emma – by Kendrick Brinson


L.A.-based photographer Kendrick Brinson shot a portrait series as part of a project for FADER and Hennessy.

England Your England: Pete – by Matt Hopkins

England Your England - Pete

Brighton, UK-based filmmaker Matt Hopkins shares a new short film in his documentary series “England Your England.”

Imaginary Towns – by Francesco Romoli

Imaginary Towns

Italian photographer Francesco Romoli shares his series of surreal images titled “Imaginary Towns”.

And I – by George Holroyd

And I

Paris-based photographer George Holroyd shares his diary project about his progressive neurological disorder, Essential Tremor, which can cause debilitating tremors and loss of coordination.

Intimacy v 3.1 – by Carlos Lopez


Rather than throwing away the outtake prints from his portrait series called Intimacy, Carlos Lopez decided to scratch designs onto the prints and created a new artsy series.

Potholes – by Davide Luciano


NYC-based photographer Davide Luciano shares a series of creative and humorous photos called “Potholes”.

Subway Series Project – by Tonia Mc Caskill-Johnson

Subway Series - Tonia Mc Caskill Johnson

Brooklyn-based photographer Tonia Mc Caskill-Johnson shares a series of photos from the NYC subway.

England Your England – by Matt Hopkins


Brighton, UK-based filmmaker Matt Hopkins shares his short film documentary series called “England Your England.”

A Collection – by Ricky Rhodes


Cleveland, OH-based commercial photographer Ricky Rhodes shares his new series, “A Collection.”