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Photo Brigade Podcast #47 with Grover Sanschagrin

Grover Sanschagrin

On this episode Robert chats with co-founder of PhotoShelter.com and SportsShooter.com, Grover Sanschagrin.

Photo Brigade Podcast #46 with Benjamin Norman

Benjamin Norman

On this episode Robert chats with New York City freelancer Ben Norman about all the business behind freelancing in the Big Apple from diversifying your client base, licensing stock, building corporate clients through the daily editorial gigs, and making and maintaining those important contacts in the industry.

Afternoon Stroll with Jerome Jarre – by Robert Caplin

Jerome Jarre

NYC-based photographer Robert Caplin took portraits of Vine and Snapchat star Jerome Jarre.

Photo Brigade Podcast #45 with Kyle Robertson

Kyle Robertson

On this episode Robert chats with his friend Kyle Robertson, a staff photographer at the Columbus Dispatch in Columbus, OH.

Photo Brigade Podcast #44 with Ty Wright

Ty Wright podcast

On this episode Robert chats with his friend Ty Wright, a successful freelance photographer based in Lancaster, Ohio who recently received his graduate degree from Ohio University in Photojournalism.

Photo Brigade Podcast #43 with Jared Wickerham

Jared Wickerham

On this episode Robert chats with Jared Wickerham, a Boston-based photographer specializing in sports who has only recently transitioned to the freelance industry after working as a staff photographer at Getty Images.

Photo Brigade Podcast #42 with Melissa Golden

Melissa Golden

On this episode Robert chats with Washington DC-based photojournalist Melissa Golden about fever dreams and much more!

Photo Brigade Podcast #41 with Brian Powers

Brian Powers

On this episode Robert chats with photographer Brian Powers who was in Manhattan recently for the New York Times portfolio review back in April.

Photo Brigade Podcast #40 with Allen Murabayashi

Allen Murabayashi podcast

On this episode Robert speaks with Allen Murabayashi, chairman and co-founder of PhotoShelter.com.

Photo Brigade Podcast #39 with James DeCamp

Jim DeCamp

On this episode, Robert chats with James DeCamp, a freelance photographer based in Columbus, Ohio, about his transition from staff to freelance, contests, copyright, business, and how he started his career in photojournalism following a 1978 military helicopter crash he photographed as a middle schooler for the Cincinnati Enquirer.