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Soldiers of the Sea – by Richard Patterson

Soldiers of the Sea

Richard Patterson is raising funds for a documentary film that tells the story of a swordfish hunter in Sicily, struggling to survive in these modern times.

My Honeymoon with a Drone: How to Travel the World with Your UAV – by Richard Patterson

New Zealand

NYC-based Director of Photography and Steadicam Operator Richard Patterson documented New Zealand’s beautiful landscapes with his drone and shares some tips.

The Making Of Video of Papa Machete – by Richard Patterson

Papa Machete

NYC-based Richard Patterson takes us behind the scenes on a project that stemmed from a call from fellow filmmakers who had an idea for a film to be shot in Haiti focusing on a man who teaches machete fencing.

NYC : Anticipating Winter’s Thaw – by Richard Patterson

Anticipating Winter's Thaw

Brooklyn-based photographer and cinematographer Richard Patterson created a short video to celebrate the long summer days ahead of us here in New York City.

Sony Alpha A7S: First Impressions – by Richard Patterson

Sony Alpha A7S

Brooklyn, NY-based photographer and cinematographer Richard Patterson reviews the new Sony Alpha A7S full frame mirrorless camera.

In My Bag: Haiti Edition – by Richard Patterson

In My Bag

NYC-based cinematographer Richard Patterson shares the contents of the bags he took to Haiti for a documentary shoot.

Q&A with Cinematographer and Steadicam Operator Richard Patterson

Richard Patterson image

Photographer-turned-cinematographer Richard Patterson talks about the delicate art of Steadicam operation, producing branded video content, and his collaborative personal video project called “Monologue”.

Fat Joe – PRIDE AND JOY – Behind the Scenes – by Richard Patterson

Fat Joe

NYC-based cinematographer Richard Patterson captured the behind the scenes footage for the “Pride and Joy” music video by Fat Joe.