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Covering the Inauguration Day Protests in Washington D.C. – by C.S. Muncy

Inauguration Day Protests

Photographer C.S. Muncy covered the Inauguration Day protests in D.C. and gives some advice when covering these types of events.

Let’s Go to D.C. – by Matt Starkey


Ohio University photojournalism student Matt Starkey went to D.C. with classmates to document the inauguration and shares his photos.

My Inauguration Experience – by Lauren Bacho

Women's March on Washington

Ohio University photojournalism student Lauren Bacho drove to Washington D.C. to document the events surrounding the Inauguration.

RNC – An After Action Report – by C.S. Muncy


Photographer C.S. Muncy writes about his experience covering the protests around the Republican National Convention.

Rioting in Baltimore – by C.S. Muncy

Rioting In Baltimore

NYC-based photographer C.S. Muncy covered the Baltimore riots.

Trial By Fire – A photographers first protest coverage – by Jim Vondruska


Chicago-based photographer Jim Vondruska shares his first experience covering a protest, in Ferguson.

How to Be the Best Photographer in a Tense News Situation

CS Muncy

Our contributors C.S. Muncy, Nic Coury and Zach D. Roberts give their tips on dealing with spot news, often with police in a riot or crime scene.

Portraits of an Uprising – by Colin Boyd Shafer

Uprising in Turkey

Photographer Colin Boyd Shafer worked on a series of black & white portraits of protesters during the unrest in Turkey.

2012 NATO Protests in Chicago – by Shane Welch

NATO Protests in Chicago

Chicago-based photographer Shane Welch shares photos from the NATO protests that took place in Chicago.

Spain General Strike, March 2012 – by Ethan Klosterman

Spain General Strike

Dayton, OH-based photographer Ethan Klosterman is currently living and studying in Madrid, Spain for the semester and shot the general strike on March 29.