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Trump Hand Saga Bewilders Photographer

Obama - Trump

USA Today photographer Jack Gruber’s seemingly straightforward image of Presidents Trump and Obama have gone viral after a now-deleted tweet by a New York Observer writer claimed “100%” that Trump’s hand was enlarged. It wasn’t.

Old News – by Luke Sharrett

old news

Louisville, KY-based photographer Luke Sharrett shares photos from Washington DC after last year’s election.

Our White House – by Mary F. Calvert

White House

DC-based photographer Mary F. Calvert shares photos of the naturalization ceremony that President Obama hosted at the White House.

The 57th Inauguration – by Luke Sharrett

57th Inauguration

DC-based political photographer Luke Sharrett traveled with President Obama during his Inauguration Day as part of the traveling press pool.

Obama Inauguration 2013 – by Seth Rubin

Obama Inauguration

DC-based photographer Seth Rubin shares photos of supporters gathering for the Presidential Inauguration of Barack Obama.

Winning Back Coal Country – by Luke Sharrett

Winning Back Coal Country

DC-based photographer Luke Sharrett shares photos of Virginia’s coal country prior to the elections.

Street View…2012 Election Day in Washington, D.C. – by Messay

Election 2012 in DC

DC-based photographer Messay shares photos of the election day in Washington, DC.

Election Night 2012 in Times Square – by Robert Caplin

Times Square Election Night

NYC-based photographer Robert Caplin covered the election results in Times Square.

The End is Near – by Luke Sharrett

President Obama

DC-based political photographer Luke Sharrett shares photos of the presidential campaign.

President Barack Obama and VP Joe Biden Campaign in Dayton, Ohio – by Ethan Klosterman

Obama - Biden rally

Dayton, Ohio-based freelancer Ethan Klosterman photographed Obama and Biden’s rally.