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New York Video Portrait – by Sal D’Alia

Sal D'Alia

NY-based filmmaker Sal D’Alia shot a video portrait of NYC from the street, the underground, and the air!

NYC : Anticipating Winter’s Thaw – by Richard Patterson

Anticipating Winter's Thaw

Brooklyn-based photographer and cinematographer Richard Patterson created a short video to celebrate the long summer days ahead of us here in New York City.

New York Fashion Week – 3 Days in the Tents – by John Taggart

NY Fashion Week

Brooklyn, NY-based photographer John Taggart shares some photos from the New York Fashion Week.

Photo Brigade Podcast #46 with Benjamin Norman

Benjamin Norman

On this episode Robert chats with New York City freelancer Ben Norman about all the business behind freelancing in the Big Apple from diversifying your client base, licensing stock, building corporate clients through the daily editorial gigs, and making and maintaining those important contacts in the industry.

Afternoon Stroll with Jerome Jarre – by Robert Caplin

Jerome Jarre

NYC-based photographer Robert Caplin took portraits of Vine and Snapchat star Jerome Jarre.

Funeral for Officer Guerra – by C.S. Muncy

Funeral for Officer Guerra

NYC-based photographer C.S. Muncy covered the funeral of NYPD officer Dennis Guerra.

Crazy Legs – by Horatio Baltz

crazy legs

Brooklyn-based photographer Horatio Baltz shares photos from his ongoing project about a roller skating club in NYC called Crazy Legs.

Potholes – by Davide Luciano


NYC-based photographer Davide Luciano shares a series of creative and humorous photos called “Potholes”.

The Barefoot Homeless Man in New York – by Robert Caplin

Homeless Feet

NYC-based photographer Robert Caplin photographed the barefoot homeless man who was given a pair of boots by a NYPD officer.

Election Night 2012 in Times Square – by Robert Caplin

Times Square Election Night

NYC-based photographer Robert Caplin covered the election results in Times Square.