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Put the Camera Down and Pick Up Another Hobby – by Nic Coury


Monterey, California-based photographer Nic Coury writes about his passion for cooking.

Photographers’ Hobbies: Aviation – by Matt Cashore


In this edition of “Photographers’ Hobbies”, photographer Matt Cashore shares his passion for aviation.

Photographers’ Hobbies: Woodworking – by Peter Taylor


In this edition of “Photographers’ Hobbies”, Charlotte-based photographer Peter Taylor found a new passion for woodworking when he built his own desk from reclaimed wood.

Photographer’s Hobbies: Drawing Faces – by Peter Larson

peter larson

In this edition of “Photographers’ Hobbies”, Cleveland-based photographer Peter Larson shares his passion for painting and drawing.

Photographers’ Hobbies: Swimming – by Charles Ludeke


In this edition of “Photographers’ Hobbies”, NYC-based photographer Charles Ludeke shares his passion for swimming.

Photographers’ Hobbies: Foodism – by Noah Devereaux


In this edition of “Photographers’ Hobbies” Brooklyn-based photographer Noah Devereaux shares his passion for food with us.

Photographers’ Hobbies: Drawing on One’s Fears – by Julie M. Elman

The Fear Project

In our first edition of “Photographers’ Hobbies”, Julie M. Elman, a design and picture editing teacher at the School of Visual Communication at Ohio University, shares her creative Fear Project drawings with us.