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Hanoolaato: Somalia – by Alex Potter


Photographer Alex Potter is working on a story about the Somali community in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

A Place for Refuge – by Alex Federowicz


Graduate student Alex Federowicz explains why traveling isn’t always necessary to document amazing cultures and how you can find great stories right in your backyard.

596 Acres – by Meg Wachter


Brooklyn-based photographer Meg Wachter has been working on a project documenting public green space in Brooklyn.

Preparations for Passover in Hassidic Jerusalem – by Ouria Tadmor

Belz Matzah

Jerusalem, Israel-based photographer Ouria Tadmor took some photos of the preparations for Passover in the Belz community.

London Riots – “Why has this happened?” – by The Progress Film Company


The Progress Film Company, based in Brighton, UK, documented the widespread rioting which hit London earlier this month. Their film listens to reactions, debates and discussions from the community residents and provides a powerful insight into the thoughts and reasoning of those involved and affected.