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Burning Sand – by Alex Beker

Burning Sand

Miami-based photographer Alex Beker shares his new ongoing project called “Burning Sand.”

Travel: California Central Coast for The San Francisco Chronicle, Part I – by Kendrick Brinson

Travel - California central coast

L.A.-based photographer Kendrick Brinson took beautiful photos of the California Central Coast for the San Francisco Chronicle.

High Surf for The New York Times – by Kendrick Brinson


L.A.-based photographer Kendrick Brinson took some surf photos for The New York Times.

Fun in the Sun: My Story – by Adrian Etheridge

Tidal wave

Asheville, NC-based photojournalism student and freelance photographer Adrian Etheridge shares a creative multiple exposure series that document her personal experiences at the beach.

Summer Beachwear with Chelsey Rader – by Dan Krauss

Chelsey Rader - Swimwear

L.A.-based photographer Dan Krauss took photos of a model and stylist at El Matador Beach in Malibu.

Surfing Beach Vendors in Bangladesh – by Allison Joyce

Surfing beach vendors in Bangladesh

Photographer Allison Joyce shares photos of young beach vendors in Bangladesh who were preparing for a surf competition.

Social Life at Beach – by Oliver Weber

Social Life at Beach

Photographer Oliver Weber shares his series of photos called “Social Life at Beach”, a documentary about the tourist life on the Canary Islands, Spain.

Surf Club in Cox’s Bazar – by Allison Joyce


Photographer Allison Joyce shares photos of a life saving and surfing club in Cox’s Bazar, Bangladesh.

Escape to LA: Landscape – by David Walter Banks

LA Landscape

Photographer David Walter Banks recently moved to L.A. and shares beautiful landscape photos from Southern California.

Airscapes – Tampa, Florida – by Chip Litherland

Tampa aerials

Sarasota, FL-based photographer Chip Litherland shares some cool aerial shots from Tampa, FL.