Things to Consider When Buying Your Camera – by C.S. Muncy

Canon Nikon

NYC-based photographer C.S. Muncy gets asked “What kind of camera should I buy?” from friends on a regular basis. Find out the answer in this opinion post.

The Crystal Cathedral Transformed for The Wall Street Journal – by Kendrick Brinson

Crystal Cathedral

L.A.-based photographer Kendrick Brinson shot a tour on the campus of the Crystal Cathedral (the largest glass building in the world) for The Wall Street Journal.

Afternoon Stroll with Jerome Jarre – by Robert Caplin

Jerome Jarre

NYC-based photographer Robert Caplin took portraits of Vine and Snapchat star Jerome Jarre.

2014 Indianapolis Moto Grand Prix – by Nic Coury

Indy Moto GP

Monterey, California-based photographer Nic Coury covered the 2014 Indianapolis Moto Grand Prix.

Q&A with Advertising Photographer Rob Hammer


Photographer & writer Carmine Sarazen interviewed advertising photographer Rob Hammer.

What a Difference a Year Makes: Working With the Leica M 240 – by Darren Carroll

Leica M 240

Austin, Texas-based photographer Darren Carroll has been shooting with a Leica M 240 for a year and reflects on his transition from a DSLR.

Florida Collegiate Summer League – by Aldrin Capulong

Florida Collegiate Summer League

Photographer Aldrin Capulong shares photos of the Florida Collegiate Summer League, a wood bat baseball league in Central Florida.

Border Watch: 13 Hours on the Rio Grande – by Zach D Roberts

Texas Immigration

Photographer Zach D Roberts traveled to the Texas border with Mexico to cover the immigration crisis.

6:05pm Starts Are What Dreams Are Made Of – by Brad Mangin

evening light

San Francisco Bay Area sports photographer Brad Mangin shares why early evening games make for the best golden light.

Confessions of a Colorblind Photographer – by Aaron Lavinsky


Grays Harbor, Washington-based photographer Aaron Lavinsky writes about his experience as a colorblind photographer.