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Jose Reyes at Disney | ESPN the Mag – by Chip Litherland

Jose Reyes

Sarasota, Fl-based photographer Chip Litherland photographed Toronto Blue Jays shortstop Jose Reyes at Disney World for ESPN the Magazine.

Almost Famous, or Surrounded by Fake Paparazzi For A Day, for OZY – by Kendrick Brinson

Ozy - Paparazzi

L.A.-based photographer Kendrick Brinson had an unusual assignment: to photograph an OZY editor as she walked around Hollywood pretending to be a celebrity.

“Jumpstart Your Photo Career” Discussion Panel with Robert Caplin, Elizabeth Griffin and Karen D’Silva

Robert Caplin

We teamed up with the Young Photographers Alliance and PhotoShelter to bring you a panel discussion with Robert Caplin, Elizabeth Griffin, and Karen D’Silva. We discussed business, networking, sending promos, how to deal with editors, and more!

Teen Cancer Survivor for The New York Times – by David Walter Banks

Keaton Williams

L.A.-based photographer David Walter Banks had a photo shoot at Disneyland with a teen cancer survivor.

Rohingya Refugees in Bangladesh – by Allison Joyce


Photographer Allison Joyce shares photos of Myanmar refugees in Bangladesh.

A Tale of Two Derbys – by Luke Sharrett

Kentucky Derby

Louisville, KY-based photographer Luke Sharrett covered the 140th Kentucky Derby for Bloomberg News.

A Little Bit of Colour on a Dull Day – by Stephen Simpson

Queen speech

London, England-based photographer Stephen Simpson photographed the State Opening of Parliament.

The Coast – by Kendrick Brinson

West Coast

L.A.-based photographer Kendrick Brinson shares some beautiful photos from the West Coast.

SMOKE SIGNALS – by Matt Eich


Norfolk, Virginia-based photographer Matt Eich explores self-publishing a “zine” as both a promotional mailer and a limited edition collectors piece.

Color Run 2013 – by Jonathan Moore

Color Run 2013

L.A.-based photographer Jonathan Moore shares photos of a vibrant color run.