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States In Play for The New York Times – by Luke Sharrett


Louisville, KY-based photographer Luke Sharrett traveled to Alaska, Colorado, Iowa, Louisiana, North Carolina, and Georgia for a New York Times project called States In Play.

Travel: California Central Coast for The San Francisco Chronicle, Part I – by Kendrick Brinson

Travel - California central coast

L.A.-based photographer Kendrick Brinson took beautiful photos of the California Central Coast for the San Francisco Chronicle.

Deux Pas Sur Le Monde – by Jérôme Gence


Jérôme Gence, a photographer from Réunion, a French island in the Indian Ocean, is traveling around the world for his project “Deux Pas Sur Le Monde” and shares his story and photos.

A Quick Trip to India – by Rick Friedman


Boston-based photographer Rick Friedman traveled to India to attend a wedding in Goa and shares some photos.

Greece – by David Walter Banks


L.A.-based photographer David Walter Banks traveled to Greece with this family and shares some photos.

Havana – by Oliver Weber


Photographer Oliver Weber traveled to Cuba with his father and shares some photos.

Sushi with a Shaman – by Alexander Newby


Photographer Alexander Newby shares photos of an annual shamanic ritual in Siberia called “Closing Heaven’s Gates.”

Snapshots From Greece – by Kendrick Brinson


L.A.-based photographer Kendrick Brinson traveled to Greece with her family and documented the trip with a point and shoot film camera.

Tales from Kobani – by Neca Dantas


L.A.-based photographer Neca Dantas shares photos of Syrian Kurds refugees in Suruc, Turkey.

The Alaska Gallery – by Callib Carver

Harding Ice feild Trail

Sacramento, CA-based photographer Callib Carver shares some photos from Alaska.