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Photo Brigade Podcast #114 with Cameron Michael

Cameron Michael

On this episode Robert Caplin chats with his friend Cameron Michael, a commercial photographer, Director of Photography, and Advanced Motion Control Timelapser.

Photo Brigade Podcast #113 with Jonah Markowitz

Jonah Markowitz podcast

On this episode Robert chat with documentary photographer/filmmaker Jonah Markowitz about his documentary projects, portrait work, his background in air pollution research before his transition into photography, his grant with View Find, life as a freelancer, funding long-term projects, his feelings on multimedia and social, the importance of empathy in documentary work, and recognizing the lack of diversity and privilege of storytellers in the industry.

Photo Brigade Podcast #112 with Kevin Larkin

Kevin Larkin

On this episode Robert chats with his long lost photo editor Kevin Larkin who worked the New York Times Picture Desk while Robert interned over a decade ago.

Photo Brigade Podcast #111 with Shin Woong-jae

Shin Woong-jae

On this episode Robert chats with South Korean photographer Shin Woong-Jae about his long term project documenting the devastating effects from production of semiconductors in electronics to the health of humans and electronics. They also discuss his career path from marketing and brand management to his studies at ICP, and becoming a full-time photographer living and working in New York whilst traveling the world working on self-generated projects.

Photo Brigade Podcast #110 with Chris Nicholson

Chris Nicholson

On this episode Robert chats with photographer Chris Nicholson, author of Photographing National Parks.

Photo Brigade Podcast #109 with Gary He

Gary He

On this episode Robert Caplin chats with Gary He, a friend and fellow photographer based in Brooklyn, New York.

Photo Brigade Podcast #108 with Stan Honda

Stan Honda

By Robert Caplin Stan Honda is a New York-based photographer and worked as a photojournalist for 34 years, most recently for Agence France-Presse (AFP), the French news agency. He covered a wide range of topics including news events, politics, economics, sports and human interest stories. Photographing the space shuttle program for five years was a

Photo Brigade Podcast #107 with Andrew Renneisen

Andrew Renneisen

On this episode Robert chats with photographer Andrew Renneisen who specializes in documenting conflict, race, and ethnic and social issues domestically and internationally.

Photo Brigade Podcast #106 with Jake Naughton

Jake Naughton

On this episode Robert chats with New York-based photographer Jake Naughton who specializes in stories about LGBT and immigration issues worldwide.

Photo Brigade Podcast #105 with Cassi Alexandra

Cassi Alexandra

On this episode Robert chats with NYC-based independent photographer Cassi Alexandra about her career path that led her to shooting projects for clients such as The Wall Street Journal, The Washington Post, and Bloomberg among others.