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Photo Brigade Podcast #36 with Gregory Heisler

Gregory Heisler

On this episode Robert chats with award-winning portraitist Gregory Heisler while they were both in Boston on assignment for an ambitious cover shoot for the one year anniversary of the Boston Marathon bombings.

Photo Brigade Podcast #35 with Sara Naomi Lewkowicz

Sara Naomi Lewkowicz

Robert catches up with is friend and Ohio University Graduate student Sara Lewkowicz a year after her domestic violence project gained notoriety. Lately she’s been winning awards and grants for the project and will soon be a photography intern at National Geographic as part of her College Photography of the Year win. Listen up!

Photo Brigade Podcast #34 with Marcus Yam

Marcus Yam

On this episode Robert chats with Marcus Yam, a resident photojournalist at the Seattle Times and Emmy-award winner, about everything from business, graduate school, current projects, and inspiration in the industry.

Photo Brigade Podcast #33 with Jared Polin

Jared Polin

On this episode Robert chats with Jared Polin, Mr. Fro himself, a photojournalist specializing in documentary in the music industry who runs a really fun photography website called Fro Knows Photo.

Photo Brigade Podcast #32 with Matt Slaby and Kevin German

Luceo portrait

On this episode Robert chats with Matt Slaby and Kevin German of the visual agency LUCEO. They’ve worked to build a brand for their visual style offering everything from stills, filmmaking, production, and more.

Photo Brigade Podcast #31 with Vincent Laforet

Vincent Laforet

Robert follows up with his good friend Vincent Laforet, a Pulitzer Prize-winning photojournalist whose successful transition into the film industry has led him to his first big campaign with brands like Nike. Robert has a great chat about Vincent’s background while he heals from a severely broken arm as a result from a recent dune buggy accident in Dubai.

Photo Brigade Podcast #30 with James Estrin

James Estrin

On this episode Robert chats with Pulitzer prize-winning, veteran staff photographer for the New York Times, James Estrin.

Photo Brigade Podcast #29 with Doral Chenoweth III

Doral Chenoweth III

On this episode Robert chats with his long-time friend and mentor Doral Chenoweth III, who is a full-time videographer for the Columbus Dispatch in Columbus OH.

Photo Brigade Podcast #28 with Mike Isler

Mike Isler

Robert chats with Mike Isler, a stellar photographer, digital tech, first assistant, and aerial technician where he works with photographers from helicopters, airplanes, cranes and rooftops providing assistance, coordination, and most importantly, safety.

Photo Brigade Podcast #27 with Warren Winter

Warren Winter

Robert chats with photo agent and book publisher Warren Winter about everything from licensing your archives, negotiating with a range of clients, contracts, the economics of self-publishing, and one of the scariest days of his life covering the 9/11 attacks in New York.