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Adam Brown – Underwater Portraiture – Lighting & Technique

Adam Brown

Photographer Adam Brown shares his beautiful underwater portraiture at Adorama in NYC during a Photo Brigade Monthly Meet Up.

David Lykes Keenan - Publishing Street Photography

David Lykes Keenan meet up

Photographer David Lykes Keenan talks about his career leading up to the publication of his book “Fair Witness”.

André Costantini – Follow What Interests You

Andre Costantini

André Costantini discusses what came to define his eclectic style over 20 years covering various documentary and commercial assignments. He reveals his unique approach to photographing his subjects and how it translates into creating impactful images and film, including his only real rule in image making.

Hilary Swift – Interning at The New York Times

Hilary Swift

Photographer Hillary Swift, one of two recent graduates currently interning at The New York Times, shares photos and talks about her experience covering a wide range of assignments for the newspaper this summer.

Dave Geffin – Improve Your Visual Eye, Invest In Film

Dave Geffin

Photographer and videographer Dave Geffin talks about how going back to shooting film has been the best investment for his digital stills and motion work.

Gary Hershorn – Veteran Wire Shooter Moves to Flipboard

Gary Hershorn

Veteran wire shooter Gary Hershorn shares some of his most memorable assignments over the past 35 years shooting news, sports, and features for UPI and Reuters before he began working for Flipboard’s photography department in 2014.

Nicole Craine – Maiti Nepal & Documenting Earthquake Aftermath

Nicole Craine

New York-based photojournalist Nicole Craine shares her recent work covering the Nepal Earthquake and sex trafficking issues related to the most recent disaster.

Brad Mangin – History of Baseball Photography – Photo & Beer Night

Brad Mangin - History of Baseball

Renowned sports photographer Brad Mangin gives a special presentation of the history of Major League Baseball photography by sharing career photographs of photographers from 1888 through present day.

Scout Tufankjian: Retracing Her Armenian Roots

Scout Tufankjian

Photographer Scout Tufankjian discusses her new book “There Is Only the Earth: Images from the Armenian Diaspora Project” as well as her campaign work for Barack Obama with photo editor Elizabeth Griffin.

Kirsten Luce – Covering the US-Mexico Border

Kirsten Luce - Elizabeth Griffin

Photographer Kirsten Luce discusses covering the US-Mexico border with photo editor Elizabeth Griffin.