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Captain Flint – by Oliver Weber

Captain Flint

Photographer Oliver Weber shares his new project on an eccentric old man who goes by the name of Captain Flint.

The Fountain of Youth – by Kendrick Brinson

Fountain of Youth

L.A.-based photographer Kendrick Brinson shares photos of her new project on The Fountain of Youth Spa and RV Park in the Southern California desert.

Precious Metal P51D Mustang: Reno Air Race – by Octavian Cantilli

Precious Metal

Orlando, FL-based photographer Octavian Cantilli documented the process of reengineering a WW2 era aircraft named Precious Metal and covered the 2014 Reno Air Races.

“Letter in a bottle” — a 2.5D Short Film Made on a Budget – by Tihomir Lazarov

Letter in a bottle

Bulgarian photographer Tihomir Lazarov created a 2.5D short film as a promo project.

Apparitions Light Painting Series – by Jason D. Page

Apparitions - Light Painting

Light painting photographer Jason D. Page shares his new series called “Apparitions”.

Lake Placid – Team USA World Cup Training – by Coty Tarr

Lake Placid

Brooklyn, NY-based photographer Coty Tarr shares a personal project he shot in Lake Placid of the USA Bobsled team.

Support the Bangladeshi Surf Girls – by Allison Joyce

Surf Girls

Bangladesh-based photographer Allison Joyce is raising funds to help a group of Bangladeshi girls by giving them two years to develop their dreams, learn, and play.

Burning Sand – by Alex Beker

Burning Sand

Miami-based photographer Alex Beker shares his new ongoing project called “Burning Sand.”

Food Delivery by Bike – by Aurelio Jose Barrera


Former LA Times photojournalist Aurelio Jose Barrera is raising funds to get a cargo bike to deliver more food to men, women and children in East Los Angeles.

Vanagons and Vagabonds – by David Walter Banks


L.A.-based photographer David Walter Banks shares photos of a road trip to the California desert with friends.