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Fun in the Sun: My Story – by Adrian Etheridge

Tidal wave

Asheville, NC-based photojournalism student and freelance photographer Adrian Etheridge shares a creative multiple exposure series that document her personal experiences at the beach.

Grand Canyon | Joshua Tree | Malibu – by Kendrick Brinson

Grand Canyon

L.A.-based photographer Kendrick Brinson shares photos of beautiful and diverse landscapes she’s seen since she moved to the west coast.

A Summer Goal – by Guy Rhodes


East Chicago-based photographer, lighting designer, and filmmaker Guy Rhodes captured some frames of lightning hitting the Willis Tower in Chicago

A Lesson Learned – by Ben Langford


Edinburgh, Scotland-based photographer and atmospheric scientist Ben Langford explains why you should so some research before you travel.

Freighthoppers and Lunch with the Homeless – by Jeffrey Walcott


Tucson, AZ-based photographer Jeffrey Walcott took portraits of a group of people called freighthoppers, who illegally ride trains as a method of travel and transportation across the country.

Social Life at Beach – by Oliver Weber

Social Life at Beach

Photographer Oliver Weber shares his series of photos called “Social Life at Beach”, a documentary about the tourist life on the Canary Islands, Spain.

Saving The Great Lakes – by Shane Welch

The Great Lakes

Chicago-based photographer Shane Welch shares some photos of the Susie Q Fish Company in Lake Michigan.

Gretzky Boys – by Cy Cyr

Gretzky Boys

Orlando, FL-based photographer Cy Cyr spoofed the controversial cover of Golf Digest featuring Paulina Gretzky and the photo ended up appearing on numerous publications around the world.

Why I Run: A Boston Marathon 2014 Photography Project – Lucie Wicker


Boston-based fitness lifestyle and activewear photographer Lucie Wicker has been working on a personal project featuring participants of the 2014 Boston Marathon.

#BoatLife Photo Book – by Jesse Hutcheson

BoatLife Book

Newport News, Virginia-based photographer Jesse Hutcheson lived in a boat for over 2 years and has put together a book of his #BoatLife instagrams, now for sale!