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Tips from a Photo Intern – by Christian K. Lee

Antonio Brown, 24, watches over children as they ride their bikes and hang out at the "Beat the Streets" community event Wednesday, June 29, 2016. The event is part of  DC's summer crime initiative to promote non-violence in communities. (Photo by Christian K. Lee/The Washington Post)

Photographer Christian K. Lee shares some tips that have helped him during his internship at The Washington Post.

The Notch – by Nick Pfosi

07.03.16 – Franconia, NH – Victor Rivera at work on Monday, Mar. 7, 2016. (Photo by Nicholas Pfosi)

Photographer Nick Pfosi shares his most recent project titled The Notch, which explores life in Franconia, a town in northern New Hampshire.

The Fountain of Youth: Parade – by Kendrick Brinson

Fountain of Youth Parade

L.A.-based photographer Kendrick Brinson shares photos of the Fountain of Youth Spa and RV Park’s 50th anniversary parade in Niland, California.

A Revolutionary War Weekend – by C.S. Muncy

War Reenactment

C.S. Muncy shares photos of a Revolutionary War Reenactment at George Washington’s Mount Vernon.

Searching for Dream Street – by Pete Marovich

The open hearth stacks are all that remain of the US Steel's Homestead Works that were located in Homestead, Pa. Closed in 1986, the steel plant was demolished and a shopping development was built on the site leaving the stacks to pay homage to the past. While the shopping center has created jobs, they are mostly minimum wage retail and service jobs as opposed to the high paying mill jobs that were lost.

Washington, D.C.-based photojournalist Pete Marovich is raising funds to help support his new project about the still struggling steel towns near Pittsburgh, Pa.

My Honeymoon with a Drone: How to Travel the World with Your UAV – by Richard Patterson

New Zealand

NYC-based Director of Photography and Steadicam Operator Richard Patterson documented New Zealand’s beautiful landscapes with his drone and shares some tips.

The Cancer Family Book Project – by Nancy Borowick

cancer family

NYC-based photographer Nancy Borowick has started a kickstarter campaign to raise funds to publish a book on her Cancer Family project. Take a look at her photos and video and help kickstart her project!

Expired at the Daytona 500 – by Chip Litherland


Sarasota, FL-based photographer Chip Litherland took some expired film rolls to the Daytona 500 NASCAR race and captured stunning photos.

Destination: Home – by April McPherson


Photographer April McPherson shares her project, Destination: Home, a series of photos taken between California and Utah.

Supporting a Home-Grown Role Model Teaching Tennis in Kenya – by Jeffrey Walcott

Boys from Kisumu, Kenya practice tennis outside of the courts during the Nyanza Open Tennis Championships on August 30, 2014. Many entered into the tournament are beneficiaries of the free Saturday lessons and equipment provided to kids from less affluent areas of Kisumu.

Kenya-based documentary photographer Jeffrey Walcott is trying to raise funds for a cause he believes in through photography and story telling.