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Wildlife Photography – by Christian Naumann

Christian Naumann

German photographer Christian Naumann specializes in wildlife photography with his main subjects being animals in their natural habitats.

Best of 2013 – Outdoor/Adventure – by Dan Krauss

Best of 2013 - Adventure

L.A.-based photographer Dan Krauss shares his best adventure photos of 2013.

Musky Fishing – by Peter Taylor

Musky Fishing

Charlotte, NC-based photographer Peter Taylor put together a video about musky fishing in Minnesota.

Swimming with Sharks – by Elyse Butler Mallams

Swimming with Sharks

Honolulu-based photographer Elyse Butler Mallams swam with sharks.

Crocodile Egg Hunting in the Northern Territory – by Michael Franchi

crocodile egg hunting

Australian photographer Michael Franchi went hunting for crocodile eggs.

Giant Tortoise Experiment | Hana Hou! Magazine – by Elyse Butler Mallams


Honolulu-based photographer Elyse Butler Mallams photographed giant tortoises in Kauai for Hana Hou! magazine.

Predator and Prey – by Jamey Price


Charlotte, NC-based photographer Jamey Price went hunting with hawks for a QC Exclusive assignment.

Sapelo Island: Portrait of a Place – by David Walter Banks

Sapelo Island

Atlanta-based photographer David Walter Banks shares photos of Sapelo island off the coast of Southern Georgia.

The Constructed Frontier – by Marc Newton

The Constructed Frontier

Savannah, GA-based photographer Marc Newton is photographing mannequins in natural landscapes for his MFA thesis.

Nene Birds | Hana Hou! Magazine – by Elyse Butler Mallams

Nene Birds

Honolulu-based photographer Elyse Butler Mallams shot an assignment for Hana Hou! Magazine about endangered Nene birds at Haleakala National Park, Maui.