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Evidencing Women’s Rights Globally | Stephanie Sinclair

Too Young To Wed

Photojournalist Stephanie Sinclair has made it her life’s mission to shine a light on gender issues and what life looks like through a girl’s lens, especially as a civilian caught in the middle of conflict.

Parramore/Holden Project – by Brian Carlson


Orlando, FL-based photographer Brian Carlson started a documentary project on the disadvantaged neighborhood of Parramore/Holden in downtown Orlando.

Request for Photos: Falling Whistles – by Mallory Benedict


MIZZOU photojournalism student Mallory Benedict did an internship with the Falling Whistles, a nonprofit campaign for peace in the Democratic Republic of Congo that strives to rehabilitate war-affected children in the region and advocating for their freedom. The Falling Whistles would like your photos to help this great cause.