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Minjerribah: An Infrared Journey – by Steven Saphore

Kuya Howler Drinking Brown Lake

Photographer Steven Saphore hacks cameras to capture light beyond the limits of human vision and into a surreal depiction of reality known as the infrared spectrum and shares his latest project.

Wet Plate Journey – by Guy Rhodes

wet plate

East Chicago-based photographer, lighting designer, and filmmaker Guy Rhodes writes about how he got into wet plate photography.

Hungry Jack Frost – by Guy Rhodes

winter portrait shoot

East Chicago-based photographer, lighting designer, and filmmaker Guy Rhodes used 3 boxes of mashed potato flakes for a portrait shoot of a couple of friends in the falling “snow”.

Night Paper – by Matt Hill

night paper

Artist, photographer, and educator Matt Hill self-funded his fine art project “Night Art” where he combines cut paper art & fashion with night photography. The result is a combination of the dilation of time and the beauty of people from all walks of life and all ages dressed in only paper art fashions.

Dystopy Land – by Marcin Owczarek


Belgium-based artist and photographer Marcin Owczarek shares a series of surrealist photo montages called “Dystopy Land.”

Color Blindness Simulator – by Etre

color blind similuator

Approximately 1 in 12 men and 1 in 200 women suffer from some form of color blindness. Etre has a color blindness simulator that can give you an idea of how your work is being viewed by those who can’t see the entire spectrum.

Abstraction Layer – by Raymond McCrea Jones


Atlanta-based photographer Raymond McCrea Jones shares a series of images made out of many layered photographs from a single day.

Art of the Storm – by Guy Rhodes

snow macro

East Chicago based photographer, lighting designer, and filmmaker Guy Rhodes experimented with macro photography and captured some interesting photos of snowflakes.

Project Paint Pour – by Guy Rhodes

project paint pour

East Chicago, Indiana-based photographer, videographer and lighting technician Guy Rhodes took on a personal project and experimented with acrylic paint being poured into water.