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In Sickness and in Health – by Kurt Hegre


Sacramento, CA-based photographer Kurt Hegre has been documenting life around his 85 year old father who suffers from dementia.

England Your England: Pete – by Matt Hopkins

England Your England - Pete

Brighton, UK-based filmmaker Matt Hopkins shares a new short film in his documentary series “England Your England.”

Hondros: A Life in Frames – by Greg Campbell

Chris Hondros

Journalist Greg Campbell has started a Kickstarter campaign to fund a documentary film about the life of photojournalist Chris Hondros, two-time Pulitzer finalist who was killed by hostile fire in Libya.

WWII Veterans on Their Battlefields – by John Riedy

WWII veterans

San Diego-based photographer John Riedy has been documenting and taking portraits of US WWII veterans on their battlefields.

Eric Draper Documentary Photo Contest Winners 2013

winner - Laurynas Komza

We’re excited to announce the winners of our documentary photo contest judged by Eric Draper.

Smokey Mountain Project – by Chris Rusanowsky

Smokey Mountain

L.A.-based photographer Chris Rusanowsky traveled to Manila, Philippines to document poverty and did a story on Smokey Mountain, a large rubbish dump in the city.

The Staten Island Ferry – by Michael Anthony Schmidt

Staten Island Ferry

NYC-based photographer Michael Anthony Schmidt has been documenting the commuters and tourists on the Staten Island Ferry.

Faces: Portraits off the Grid – by Breck Sargent


Boston-based photographer Breck Sargent has started a Kickstarter campaign to help fund his photo project in Cambodia.

Florida: Sense of Place – by David Walter Banks

Florida - Sense of Place

Atlanta-based photographer David Walter Banks recently traveled to Florida for work and has decided to start a personal project documenting his own view of the state.

England Your England – by Matt Hopkins


Brighton, UK-based filmmaker Matt Hopkins shares his short film documentary series called “England Your England.”