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Being Social and Doing Good – by Ingrid Spangler

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Social media consultant Ingrid Spangler writes about ways for photographers to help out those who are still struggling after Hurricane Sandy.

Swag Bags at the PhotoPlus Expo 2012 – by Ingrid Spangler


Social media consultant Ingrid Spangler attended the PhotoPlus Expo and lists all the free photo swag she got there.

Being Social: Top 10 Ways to Jumpstart Your Photojournalism Career – by Ingrid Spangler

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Social media consultant Ingrid Spangler lists different ideas to help jumpstart your photojournalism career.

Being Social at Trade Shows – by Ingrid Spangler

PhotoShelter Expo

Social media consultant Ingrid Spangler gives tips about attending photography trade shows from the perspective of a former vendor.

Being Social: Instagram on the Web – by Ingrid Spangler


Social media consultant Ingrid Spangler analyzes various Instagram interfaces for web.

Being Social: Who to Follow on Instagram – by Ingrid Spangler


In this installment of “Being Social,” Ingrid Spangler talks about how photographers use the social platform of Instagram to enhance their business and gives examples of photographers to follow.

Being Social: Do I *Have* to Be Social? – by Ingrid Spangler

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In the first edition of her new column “Being Social”, Ingrid Spangler, a freelance social media consultant living in New York, answers questions about using Facebook, Twitter, and other social networks.