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Imaginary Towns – by Francesco Romoli

Imaginary Towns

Italian photographer Francesco Romoli shares his series of surreal images titled “Imaginary Towns”.

Abstraction Layer – by Raymond McCrea Jones


Atlanta-based photographer Raymond McCrea Jones shares a series of images made out of many layered photographs from a single day.

Light Graffiti – by Kasy Locken

light graffiti

Phoenix, Oregon-based photographer Kasy Locken has taken an interest in light graffiti and shares some of his own.

Eurydice in Hades – by Alma Muminovic


Ledgewood, NJ-based freelance photographer Alma Muminovic has been working on a series called Eurydice in Hades, a fictional narrative of her day to day thoughts.

Fusion – by Alexander James


London-based freelancer Alexander James has been constructing images combining flowers and chemical reactions as part of a project entitled Fusion.

Ground Pollution – by Carlos Lopez Ramos


Based in Czech Republic, fine art photographer Carlos Lopez Ramos has been working on a personal project on ground pollution that is a compilation of abstract images he took of the ground.