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Seth Lowe is an editorial and lifestyle photographer from Chicago, IL. He attended Columbia College in Chicago for photography, and has since traveled much of the country shooting both client and personal work. His loves photographing ‘everyday people’ and scenes from real life. When not working on a photo project, you will find Seth cruising the streets on his bike, or enjoying a cup of black coffee and people watching.

Posts by Seth Lowe:

The Body Builder – by Seth Lowe


Chicago-based photographer Seth Lowe spent 12 weeks photographing a body builder prepping for competition and documenting the changes in his physique.

Entrepreneurs – by Seth Lowe


Chicago-based editorial and lifestyle photographer Seth Lowe shares his personal project called Entrepreneurs.

The Breakfast Project – by Seth Lowe


Seth Lowe is a portrait and editorial photographer living in San Luis Obispo, California, and has been photographing his breakfast every day for the past two months.