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Sara Lewkowicz is a native New Yorker currently working toward a Master’s Degree in Photojournalism from Ohio University at Athens. She attended the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill for her undergraduate education, where she majored in journalism with a focus in visual communication. She has shot assignments from her bedroom window, and traveled as far as the Middle East and South America for others. Her work has been published by the Baltimore Sun and various other publications, as well as by a number of Latin American non-profits and NGOs. She loves bagels and lox as much as she loves Carolina Barbecue, and roots for the Tar Heels and the Yankees knowing full well that she will be resented for both allegiances. She recognizes that haters will, indeed, hate. She enjoys yoga, cooking, nail polish, quoting the Big Lebowski at inappropriate times, and hating the Blue Devils.

Posts by Sara Lewkowicz:

Photo Brigade Podcast #35 with Sara Naomi Lewkowicz

Sara Naomi Lewkowicz

Robert catches up with is friend and Ohio University Graduate student Sara Lewkowicz a year after her domestic violence project gained notoriety. Lately she’s been winning awards and grants for the project and will soon be a photography intern at National Geographic as part of her College Photography of the Year win. Listen up!

Photo Brigade Podcast #4 with Sara Lewkowicz

Photo by Sara Naomi Lewkowicz

In this episode Robert Caplin chats with Sara Lewkowicz who is a talented graduate student at Ohio University’s School of Visual Communication.

Open Heart, Open Mind, or How I Learned To Stop Worrying and Storm The Barn – by Sara Lewkowicz


Athens, OH-based photographer Sara Lewkowicz shares her experience and gives a few tips about the Eddie Adams Workshop.