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Richard Patterson is a cinematographer and steadicam operator based in Brooklyn, NY. His start in film began in 2007 as a film loader on the set of the independent feature “The Tested.” Prior to working in film and video, Richard was a commercial and editorial photographer for seven years.

Born and raised in New York City he began his career as a staff photographer at the Miami Herald from 2000 – 2004 where he focused on documentary and portrait photography. He covered the 2004 coup d’état in Haiti as a freelancer for the New York Times and Associated Press.

His first credit as Director of Photography for the PBS documentary, “Hecho A Mano,” received an Emmy Award for Historical and Cultural programming by the National Academy of Arts and Sciences, 2011. 

Today Richard Patterson works primarily in the New York and Miami markets and has produced and shot projects in over 25 countries. He graduated from Florida International University with dual Bachelor degrees in English Literature and Fine Arts in 2000 and is an avid cyclist, runner, and moviegoer.

Posts by Richard Patterson:

Soldiers of the Sea – by Richard Patterson

Soldiers of the Sea

Richard Patterson is raising funds for a documentary film that tells the story of a swordfish hunter in Sicily, struggling to survive in these modern times.

My Honeymoon with a Drone: How to Travel the World with Your UAV – by Richard Patterson

New Zealand

NYC-based Director of Photography and Steadicam Operator Richard Patterson documented New Zealand’s beautiful landscapes with his drone and shares some tips.

The Making Of Video of Papa Machete – by Richard Patterson

Papa Machete

NYC-based Richard Patterson takes us behind the scenes on a project that stemmed from a call from fellow filmmakers who had an idea for a film to be shot in Haiti focusing on a man who teaches machete fencing.

NYC : Anticipating Winter’s Thaw – by Richard Patterson

Anticipating Winter's Thaw

Brooklyn-based photographer and cinematographer Richard Patterson created a short video to celebrate the long summer days ahead of us here in New York City.

Sony Alpha A7S: First Impressions – by Richard Patterson

Sony Alpha A7S

Brooklyn, NY-based photographer and cinematographer Richard Patterson reviews the new Sony Alpha A7S full frame mirrorless camera.

In My Bag: Haiti Edition – by Richard Patterson

In My Bag

NYC-based cinematographer Richard Patterson shares the contents of the bags he took to Haiti for a documentary shoot.

Q&A with Cinematographer and Steadicam Operator Richard Patterson

Richard Patterson image

Photographer-turned-cinematographer Richard Patterson talks about the delicate art of Steadicam operation, producing branded video content, and his collaborative personal video project called “Monologue”.

Fat Joe – PRIDE AND JOY – Behind the Scenes – by Richard Patterson

Fat Joe

NYC-based cinematographer Richard Patterson captured the behind the scenes footage for the “Pride and Joy” music video by Fat Joe.