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Nic Coury is a photojournalist based in Monterey, Calif. He has had work published in Sports Illustrated, Cycle World and Bicycling magazines, and has shot commercial jobs for Specialized Bicycles, Ferrari and Bugatti. He also covers crime for a local newspaper. In his free time, he drinks too many espressos and wins mustache competitions.

Posts by Nic Coury:

Leica Summarit 5cm f/1.5 Review – by Nic Coury

The Summarit on my M240.

Photographer Nic Coury picked up an old Summarit 5cm f/1.5 lens for his Leica M240 and puts it through its paces.

Monterey Pop Festival 50th Anniversary for San Francisco Chronicle – by Nic Coury

Jack Johnson performs at the Monterey International Pop Festival.

Photographer Nic Coury shares photos of the “Monterey Pop” 50th Anniversary Festival.

Ten Years as a Staff Photographer in Monterey, California – by Nic Coury

The burning roof of the first floor collapses as firefighters work to contain a massive blaze that consumed The Swinging Door building on Soledad Street in Salinas' Chinatown on Saturday, March 18, 2017.

Photographer Nic Coury reflects on the past 10 years working as a staff photographer in Monterey, CA.

Eye Photo – Portraits of Monterey County – by Nic Coury

The Skater Mom - Alex White.

Monterey-based photographer Nic Coury shares a collection of portraits of locals.

In My Bag: Covering Wildfire – by Nic Coury

A U.S. Forest Service Hotshot back burns along Old Coast Road in Big Sur on August 8.

Photographer Nic Coury has been covering California’s recent wildfires and shares the gear that gets the job done.

Two Bernie Sanders Events in Two Days – by Nic Coury

Sen. Bernie Sanders pumps his fist in the air after speaking at a rally of thousands at Colton Hall in Monterey, Calif. on May 31, 2016.

Photographer Nic Coury covered two Bernie Sanders campaign stops in California.

Lessons I’ve Learned Covering Hillary Clinton Nearly 10 Years Apart – by Nic Coury

Hillary Clinton, silhouetted by a spotlight, speaks to supports inside a gym at Hartnell College in Salinas, Calif. on May 25, 2016.

Photographer Nic Coury covered Hillary Clinton during her campaign stop in Salinas, California and shares some tips.

Donut Heaven: Photos with the Nikon 500mm Mirror Lens – by Nic Coury

A surfer is backlit from mid-day sun at Moss Landing State Beach near Monterey, Calif.

Monterey, California-based photographer Nic Coury reviews the old Nikon 500mm f/8 mirror lens.

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Musings on Recovering from Major Injury – Part 3 – by Nic Coury

During my doctor's visit to the orthopedic surgeon on October 26, I took a photo of the last time I would be on crutches 12 weeks after my surgery.

Monterey, California-based photographer Nic Coury writes the third of a three-part series on recovering from a bicycle crash where he fractured his hip and had five screws put in during surgery.