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John Encinas was born in Manila, Philippines in 1973, immigrating to Northern California with his parents at the age of 5. Throughout High School he had full intentions in pursuing a career in Photography but, was swayed by several peers that were established professional photographers. Their reason… “Digital” will ruin the photography business! John focused his efforts in earning a degree in Engineering but, kept photography as a hobby. John is currently working as an Engineer in the telecommunications industry while freelancing primarily as a youth sports photographer. He’s worked with local Little Leagues, High Schools, and several travel Baseball and Basketball teams. Clients include Doctors, Engineers, Peace Officers, etc… usually the parents of his subjects… young athletes.

Posts by John Encinas:

In My Bag – by John Encinas


Northern California-based freelance photographer John Encinas shows the contents of his camera bag.

End of Watch – by John Encinas


Northern California-based freelance photographer John Encinas covered a slain California Highway Patrolman’s funeral, who was a close friend of his.