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Gerald Holubowicz has been a photojournalist for nearly 10 years and lived in New York since 2006. He has worked with several agencies: Abaca, Gamma and Polaris. He is now distributed by the German agency LAIF. His work has been published in France and in the U.S in major magazines. Gerald has covered the U.S. presidential campaign that led to the election of Barack Obama, the election night in Harlem and the inauguration of January 20, 2009 in Washington. This work was an opportunity for him to discover the extraordinary complexity of the electoral process in the United States and to initiate a reflection on the project presented in these pages.
Meanwhile, Gerald in 2008 focused on issues related to web documentaries and transmedia storytelling, meeting with leading professionals in this field through the Transmedia Meetup in New York and various conferences between New York and Paris. Recently, under the impulse of the work done by Sandra Gaudenzi the MA Interactive Media of the London College of Media, he campaigned for the adoption of the terminology “idoc” (interactive documentary) where the interaction is pushed beyond the simple interface and involves, among other factors, community management and crowdfunding. Gerald is also part of the network “Transmedia Ready,” he was involved in the creation of the first Transmedia camp in May 2011, and he is deeply involved in the animation of the Transmedia community on social-networks. In 2011, he hosted, at EMI(school of photojournalism in Paris), the workshop “videography”, who led to a documentary “Maux de Presse” co-directed byJean-Nicholas Guillo and he’s currently teaching narrative techniques for the interactive documentary classes.

Posts by Gerald Holubowicz:

From the Ground Series: Edouard Elias – by Gerald Holubowicz

From The Ground

French photojournalist Gerald Holubowicz shares a video interview with Edouard Elias, a war photographer who is being held hostage in Syria since June.

In Our Bags – by Gerald Holubowicz & Jean-Nicholas Guillo


French photojournalists Gerald Holubowicz & Jean-Nicholas Guillo share the contents of their camera bags, which they use for their “Moneyocracy” documentary project.

Moneyocracy – by Gerald Holubowicz and Jean Nicholas Guillo


French photojournalists Gerald Holubowicz & Jean Nicholas Guillo are working on “Moneyocracy”, a transmedia documentary set during the 2012 U.S Presidential race, and have started a Kickstarter campaign to help raise funds to complete their project.

Mermaid Parade Portraits – by Gerald Holubowicz

mermaid parade

New York City-based freelancer Gerald Holubowicz photographed the 2010 Mermaid Parade at Coney Island.

Celebrating Phagwah in Queens – by Gerald Holubowicz

Phagwah in Queens

French freelance photojournalist Gerald Holubowicz is based in New York and recently shot portraits of revelers celebrating Phagwah in Queens.