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Chris Rusanowsky (b.1990) is a freelance photographer and aspiring photojournalist. In the early years of his life, Chris has been exposed to a lot of different ways of life. Traveling since he was six of age Chris spent most of his childhood moving around the United States with his mother and sister. This cemented Chris with his first relationship with art and self-expression. His grandmother later on gave Chris his first camera and would take him out to photograph their adventures. Chris in his young career has been photographing a wide range of subject and has worked with many West Coast companies such as: Famous Clothing, Golden Lucille, KFI Radio, LA Fashion, Loupe Magazine, Eccentric Symphony and many more. Ha has also been published in Loupe Magazine in 2010 for his photo essay about graffiti artists as well as awarded and published as a finalist in The Photographers Forum Magazine, Best of Photography 2010. In Early 2011 Chris decided to take his documentary projects to the next level by flying international to the Philippines to document modern day poverty. Chris is attending school in photojournalism in his hometown of Pennsylvanian where he is working on long term projects and providing commercial wedding services.

Posts by Chris Rusanowsky:

Lakota Nation – by Chris Rusanowsky

Lakota Nation

L.A.-based photographer Chris Rusanowsky shares his photo essay about the Lakota Nation Tribes in South Dakota.

American Oil Boom – by Chris Rusanowsky

oil boom

Photographer Chris Rusanowsky is working on a project about fracking and the lifestyle it brings in the Bakken oil fields in North Dakota.

Portraits from Manila – by Chris Rusanowsky


Photographer Chris Rusanowsky shares a series of portraits of people living in Manila, Philippines.

Gettysburg 150th Anniversary – by Chris Rusanowsky


Photographer Chris Rusanowsky shares photos from the reenactment of the 150th anniversary Gettysburg Civil War.

Smokey Mountain Project – by Chris Rusanowsky

Smokey Mountain

L.A.-based photographer Chris Rusanowsky traveled to Manila, Philippines to document poverty and did a story on Smokey Mountain, a large rubbish dump in the city.