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Andy Jacobsohn is a freelance editorial and commercial photographer learning to settle down in New York City. He is also a photo editor at Newsweek Daily Beast. Jacobsohn, a self-described “Florida Boy” earned a degree in visual journalism from the University of Central Florida in Orlando. He owes much of his remarkable experiences in storytelling to the editors of Major League Baseball, The Dallas Morning News, The Florida Times-Union, ESPN and McClatchy-Tribune. Jacobsohn believes that one of the greatest privileges and rousing thrills of visual storytelling is the access to enter a stranger’s home to make their portrait and departing with a friend. In his free time, the Parrotheaded-Floridian studies the culinary possibilities of avocado and maps out his next upstate New York-bound camping trip.

Posts by Andy Jacobsohn:

For 22 1/2 Days I was a Staff Photographer at Newsday – by Andy Jacobsohn


NYC-based photographer Andy Jacobsohn worked as a staffer at Newsday for 22 1/2 days and shares some photos he took during that period of time.

Gazes of Unemployment – by Andy Jacobsohn

Jobs fair

NYC-based freelancer Andy Jacobsohn recently photographed a job fair in Iselin, New Jersey.

In My Bag – by Andy Jacobsohn

Andy Jacobsohn gear

NYC-based freelancer Andy Jacobsohn shares the contents of his camera bag when he started freelancing and gives his thoughts about what gear beginners in photography actually need to fulfill client needs without going into more-than-necessary debt.

Blind Chinese Dissident Chen Guangcheng Arrives in New York City – Andy Jacobsohn

Chen Guangcheng

NYC-based freelancer Andy Jacobsohn photographed blind Chinese activist Chen Guangcheng’s arrival on the campus of New York University in Manhattan.

USA Yoga National Championship – by Andy Jacobsohn

USA Yoga National Championship

NYC-based freelance photographer Andy Jacobsohn shot the USA Yoga National ASANA Championship.