In My Sack: Shimoda Adventure Camera Bag – by Chuy Gutierrez

Chuy GutierrezChuy Gutierrez is a New York based freelance Cinematographer, Photographer, Editor, Media Tech and Director. He specializes in short form documentary, narrative shorts and portraiture. Working along side other working professionals and creatives he finds himself working with brands like G-Tech and a handful of NGOs. He is a co-founder of a small New York based creative production company Tom on the Wall. Constantly working on various projects he can usually be found running around the city camera in hand.


While I wouldn’t call myself a full on adventurer I do often enjoy the occasional day hike and exploration with my camera gear intact. Enter Shimoda’s Kickstarter campaign and now is just as good as any other time to take my small adventures to the next level. While they aren’t the first in the market for camera gear conscious travel adventure bags they have made something that has multiple uses for all parties involved. I found myself in wonder as I explored a new way of carrying my gear and enjoying my mini adventure at the lake minewaska in NY state. And in a interesting turn of events I found myself getting more invested in longer form and more challenging hiking trips for 2018. While some bags change the way to load your gear and carry it around not very many invite you to pursue a new hobby like the shimoda explore 60L has for me. In my use all I can say it has worked as advertised and I had no issues leaving it to the elements. Only thing I can say is that it’s so spacious that one may quickly over pack it for their personal load limit. In which the limit is on you and not the bag, and I find that both fascinating and impressive. The people over at Shimoda have created a great gear backpack, a great adventuring pack, and most importantly a harmonious hybrid that has me exited for the future of my adventures.

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