Monthly Archives: December 2017

Leica Summarit 5cm f/1.5 Review – by Nic Coury

The Summarit on my M240.

Photographer Nic Coury picked up an old Summarit 5cm f/1.5 lens for his Leica M240 and puts it through its paces.

In My Sack: Shimoda Adventure Camera Bag – by Chuy Gutierrez


In his new video review series “In My Sack” Chuy Gutierrez got his hands on a prototype of the brand new Shimoda Design Adventure Camera Bag designed for explorers, storytellers and creators!

GNARBOX Review – by C.S. Muncy


Photographer C.S. Muncy reviews the Gnarbox portable hard drive and editing system.

In The Ring Light: Scott Strazzante – by BP Miller


In his new column, BP Miller interviews photographer Scott Strazzante about his career and new book “Shooting From The Hip”.