Evidencing Women’s Rights Globally | Stephanie Sinclair

“The more we understand about each other… the more we don’t see each other as “them” and “us” and we have commonalities… the more peaceful our world will be.”

Photojournalist Stephanie Sinclair has made it her life’s mission to shine a light on gender issues and what life looks like through a girl’s lens, especially as a civilian caught in the middle of conflict. She started Too Young to Wed, a non-profit providing visual evidence of the human rights challenges faced by women and girls, dedicated to ending child, early, and forced marriage around the world. With a background as a newspaper photographer and her main clients now being National Geographic and The New York Times, Stephanie has traveled to over 65 countries building relationships and trust with her subjects to tell their stories. In this video she talks about the importance of followthrough with her projects to achieve change, her use of environmental portraiture to tell her stories, and making beautiful prints as a way to express the gravity of these epic situations.

Too Young To Wed

Too Young To Wed

Too Young To Wed

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