150 Portraits of My Patients – by Oliver Weber

Patient Portraits

Señor Barroso Almenara – Dec. 15, 2015 (left) and Herr Dr. Naetar – Feb. 16, 2016 (right)

Photographer and physician Oliver Weber shares his new photo project featuring portraits of his patients.

As a doctor I believe in the importance of facial language. Faces are vivid maps of human experience which I have to read to understand somebody else to some extent. In my pictures I like to explore those rare, comical or graphically interesting “coincidences” that daily life offers when people interact with each other and their environment, while always trying to keep a balance between form and content.

See more photos on Oliver’s website.

Patient Portraits

Frau Wanicki – Feb. 3, 2016

Patient Portraits

Madame Carboni – Dec. 29, 2015

Patient Portraits

Señora Barrera Chinea – June 7, 2016

Patient Portraits

Señora Barrera Chinea – Dec. 30, 2015

Patient Portraits

Señora Chinea Chinea – June 1, 2016

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