Ferrell Takes the Field for HBO – by Rob Tringali

Will Ferrell

NY-based sports photographer Rob Tringali photographed Will Ferrell, who played in 5 spring training games in one day, for HBO.

So, I used to cover Spring Training in Florida for many years for various clients. What’s better than shooting baseball in the sun with a condo near the ocean for a month while the entire northeast is covered in snow. The only negative to Florida spring training was all the freaking driving. No joke, I would put close to 10,000 miles on my rental car during that time. Thank God for unlimited miles. Anyway, through the years Brad Mangin and the Arizona other spring training guys would tell me how great Arizona Spring Training is. So a few years back, I gave it a shot and it really was a lot easier on you physically, one condo, 20 or 30 min from the furthest stadium. You could get back from a game and do a quick edit and grab a proper dinner. Ok I’m sold, side note to this is…… Scott Clarke still doesn’t buy into this theory!!!

What quickly got into my head in those first couple of years was I wondered how many games I could cover in one day. If the schedule broke right, you could technically cover 4 or 5 games in a day. I have this fascination with covering multiple games in one day……don’t ask!!! I once covered a game in Foxboro at 1pm, hopped a flight out of Providence and flew to Philadelphia for the Sunday Night game. I remember the fireworks going off around the stadium as the National Anthem ended as my taxi pulled up to the will call window. Some reason I get my kicks off stuff like that.

Each year would pass and I would glance at the schedule, but every year things got to busy to put the plan into works. Fast-forward to late February this year. I get a call from Jessica Dublanyk at HBO that she has a top secret gig involving Will Ferrell, don’t tell anyone… Apparently he’s going to attempt to play in 5 spring training games in one day. First reaction, that’s my idea, my second reaction was this is a pretty cool assignment and that’s going to be one hard day’s worth of work. I brought on my bud Trevor Reid to help what was going to be a world wind of a day.

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Will Ferrell

Will Ferrell

Will Ferrell

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