Fotokite Phi: A Flying Camera on a Leash

Aerial robotics researcher and Fotokite founder Sergei Lupashin has started a crowdfunding campaign to fund the production of the Fotokite Phi, a foldable quadcopter on a leash.

Fotokite was born with one mission: making aerial photography accessible to everyone. Specifically, we aspire to solve fundamental drone issues: safety, need piloting skills, lack accountability, complex regulations and limited flight time.

After a debut at TED2014 (Sergei is now a TED Fellow), the company developed its first product: the Fotokite Pro, a live broadcast aerial camera that can fly for hours thanks to being powered from the ground. The Fotokite Pro was presented for the first time at NAB2015, and has been used for several productions and is being evaluated for more.

Working closely with the broadcasting industry on a professional solution gave Fotokite the experience to start working on a more affordable version: the Fotokite Phi. By being able to shed core drone components such as expensive GPS receivers and by getting rid of an RC controller, we have been able to build what is, to our knowledge, the lightest, friendliest, safest, most portable and most affordable GoPro quadcopter yet.

See more details and pre-order Fotokite Phi on Indiegogo.

Fotokite Phi

Fotokite Phi

Fotokite Phi

Fotokite Phi

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