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Dave KrugmanDave Krugman is the social editor for BBDO New York and a freelance photographer. He is also a former retoucher for Annie Leibovitz. Dave is a prolific and notable Instagrammer with over 180,000 followers of his own and works with major brands and institutions to develop their social media influence, all while building and fostering communities.

During a Photo Brigade monthly meet up, Dave Krugman shares some of his beautiful New York City imagery and discusses with Esquire.com’s photo editor Elizabeth Griffin about how he uses his camera and iPhone to communicate to his over 180K+ followers through his Instagram account. He explains how building a community, being proactive, networking, doing things differently, and pitching institutions like the Metropolitan Museum of Art and others has propelled him to social media stardom and got him in the press, and has led to amazing opportunities. Watch his presentation and subscribe to our YouTube channel to see all of our new videos!

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Dave Krugman - Elizabeth Griffin

Dave Krugman - Elizabeth Griffin

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