Solar Portraits Myanmar – by Rubén Salgado Escudero

Myanmar-based documentary photographer Rubén Salgado Escudero is raising funds to purchase and distribute solar light systems for village households across Myanmar’s Dry Zone.

‘Solar Portraits Myanmar’ is a photography project which depicts how people’s lives have been improved by having light for the very first time, due to solar light systems in rural Myanmar. After publishing the photography in Time, GEO and other international outlets, I received a lot of feedback from readers about the issue of how solar light could be distributed in Myanmar, a country where 70% of a 53 million population have no access to light. I was inspired by readers to do more than just a photography project and have now created a crowdfunding called ‘Let There Be Light Myanmar ‘ which aims to distribute solar light systems to households in Myanmar’s Dry Zone, one of the country’s poorest rural areas. Using the visibility that the project has gotten I hope to be able to receive support from a lot of people, even if its in small amounts, every single $ counts!

It’s simple, for every 100 US Dollars raised, a family household will receive a 4-5 bulb solar light system which will allow drastically improve people’s lives. With your support, children will be able to do their homework at night, parents will be able to cook in the evenings and families won’t have to use candles which are highly dangerous and toxic.

Click here, take a look and join us to shed some light in people’s lives who don’ t have the luxury of what we today take so much for granted, the gift of light.

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Light Up Myanmar

Light Up Myanmar

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