Adventure Reel – by Dan Krauss

Dan Krauss Dan Krauss is a high energy photographer with a fear of a dull life. Unable to sit still for long, Krauss’s high energy and focus is implemented into his constant need to experience, capture and share. Since graduating from Ohio University he has started his freelance career in sunny Los Angeles. His unique approach has landed him regular assignments for publications such as The New York Times, Los Angeles Times, The Wall Street Journal, ESPN the Magazine, Bon Appetit, and Associated Press. Krauss can be found clinging to cliff faces, dangling from trees, walking highlines over vast gaps in space, or sipping on a delicious craft IPA.

Adventure Reel

It’s been over 4 years since I’ve put a motion reel together. It’s not that I haven’t shot much more motion work, quite contrary actually. The past few years have allowed for some incredible opportunities to unleash the amazing capabilities of my 5D cameras. I spent a month following a cyclist on a tandem bike, picking up strangers while circling Alberta, Canada for Encompass Films. Two weeks in the backcountry of the High Sierra with a team of athletes rigging brand new highlines at high altitude. BASE jumping and highlining in Moab, UT and then 10 days out in Hawaii working with Camp 4 Collective. I just kept pushing it off, thinking, “I’ll put it together after this next project.”

And then next project… and the next…

It finally got a point where I had nothing to show for the work I’ve done and a tight reel was my first-class ticket to new opportunity. If it hadn’t been for a client asking me to put a reel together to try and win over their team, I probably would have kept pushing it off. I knocked out a rough cut and sent it over in less than 24 hours. It wasn’t exactly where I wanted it to be but it was a start, and my biggest problem with projects is starting them. Once I got it going, it picked up steam, and evolved into my new obsession in my free time. Probably a solid 3 months later, I finally got a cut together that I was happy with. As it is with all editing, there’s a million things I’d still love the change, add and subtract. But at least I have something out there now, and something to build on in the future. I hope you enjoy and thank you for watching! (Don’t worry, it’s only 2 minutes)

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