Almost Famous, or Surrounded by Fake Paparazzi For A Day, for OZY – by Kendrick Brinson

Ozy - Paparazzi

L.A.-based photographer Kendrick Brinson had an unusual assignment: to photograph an OZY editor as she walked around Hollywood pretending to be a celebrity.

I spent my Valentine’s Day shooting what has to be the strangest assignment I’ve ever had. My job was to photograph an OZY editor as she walked Hollywood Boulevard through crowds of tourists pretending to be a celebrity, which was amped up by the fact that she was standing next to an actor playing a bodyguard and surrounded by a crowd of screaming hired extras with cameras pretending to be paparazzi. And, as you can see in this photo, people bought the con. It was especially strange for me because I was in the crowd of fake paparazzi photographing the fake celebrity and I was the only real one in that mix, though watching the scene you’d never know that.

I’ve never laughed more or ran backwards more on a shoot. Read about Sanjena’s surreal experience as a (pseudo) celebrity for an afternoon HERE: Almost Famous

See more photos on Kendrick’s blog.

Ozy - Paparazzi

Ozy - Paparazzi

Ozy - Paparazzi

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