How to Use a Leica M Camera – by Craig Semetko

What makes the Leica M different from SLRs? Watch the above video to discover the capabilities of the Leica M with Craig Semetko, an American photographer based in Los Angeles. Craig’s work includes the books “UNPOSED,” which was released in 2010 and “INDIA UNPOSED” that came out in April 2014.

In this video and below, Craig shares how to use the Leica M, including techniques on focusing, and tips for expanding your photographic approach.

Follow these tips from Craig to help improve your photography and get the most out of your Leica M.

  • Know the camera well enough to not think about it. Then pure seeing and personal vision takes over.
  • Study the masters, in photography and painting, movies, literature, etc. Looking at Cartier-Bresson’s work never hurt anybody.
  • Practice observing and spend a great deal of time roaming the street. You don’t need an assistant to start.
  • Every situation is different. Work fast. Act like you’re looking elsewhere and don’t know how to use the camera.
  • A sense of humor is fundamental to me, as I believe it is for most people. In my opinion, a story without humor is not being truthful–at any given moment, someone is laughing about something somewhere.
  • Do what you are passionate about. The rest takes care of itself.

Learn more about the Leica M here and follow along on social media with #LeicaM.

Craig Semetko

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