Tales from Kobani – by Neca Dantas


Left behind all her belongs and crossed the boarder with her daughter and two grandchildren

L.A.-based photographer Neca Dantas shares photos of Syrian Kurds refugees in Suruc, Turkey.

The battle to save Kobani is going on a little over a month. At first many had doubts it would survive the much stronger and brutal ISIS force. The Syrian Kurdish determination to defend the town and with the help from the US-led coalition forces it appears Kobani will survive. But the lives of thousands of Syrian Kurds refugees have changed.

It’s noon. In a mosque in the district of Suruc, on the Turkish-Syrian border women and children from Kobani line up to receive food distributed by the Turkish Red Crescent.

Continue reading and see more photos on Neca’s blog.


Women and children receiving donated food by the Turkish government


Syrian Kurds in line to receive food outside a mosque in Suruc, Turkey


If wasn’t for him she had stay in Kobani, Syria

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