The Missouri Photojournalism Workshop 66 in Platte City, MO – by Octavian Cantilli

Octavian Cantilli

Every morning for the past twenty years old friends meet up in the back room of Brown Real Estate in Platte City to talk sports, politics and the community they love.

Photographer Octavian Cantilli attended the 66th Missouri Photojournalism Workshop and shares his experience.

Please spend some time on the new MPW66 WEBSITE to check out the wonderful work of this year’s participants.

I’ve had the pleasure of attending numerous photo workshops including The Eddie Adams Workshop, The Kalish Photo Editing Workshop, Look 3 EDU, a couple Sports Shooter Academies, NPPA Multimedia Immersion and most recently the Missouri Photojournalism Workshop. Each were wonderful learning experiences focused on the different skills of visual storytelling, and each were put on by wonderful people who volunteer his or her vacation time to give back to the industry.

The Missouri Photojournalism Workshop separates itself by pushing the methodical execution of the craft of photojournalism. Participants have one week to find a story and make all the necessary pictures. Technically, the photographer can only click 400 frames total. He/she has to shoot in jpg in order to not rely on the exposure latitude available in RAW and may not crop the pictures in post. On top of all this, every night the photographer has their entire take looked at by two ultra experienced photo editors of the highest caliber. All this obviously puts a lot of pressure on the photographers, but it’s this pressure that pushes a photographer out of his or her comfort zone and into the next level of visual literacy. Most photographers don’t put anywhere near as much pressure on themselves in their daily professional lives, but going through the MPW puts into perspective what one is capable of if they really work hard. This experience also quickly gives you a reality check of where your weaknesses lie.

Continue reading and see more photos on Octavian’s blog.

Octavian Cantilli

“That trophy has special meaning because I went from a goat to a hero,” said Grundy E. Newton, who hit the game winning shot his senior year in a pre-season basketball tournament.

Octavian Cantilli

Ray E. Bogart, 72, has served on the board of the Platte County Fair for over 25 years. He said he loves it because he sees people at the fair that he doesn’t see any other time of the year.

Octavian Cantilli

For the past 10 years, the morning routine has included a 1.5 or 2 mile walk through the community. Grundy E. Newton said he noticed less and less businesses in the old downtown area. “I’m not for it or against it. It’s a progression all small towns have to go through.”

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