A Divorce Before Marriage – by Matt Hopkins and Ben Lankester

UK filmmakers Matt Hopkins and Ben Lankester have been working on a documentary feature that follows the lives of a Leeds band after the loss of their record deal.

In 2006, five-piece rock and roll band I Like Trains were the toast of the music buy cheap deltasone industry. They were signed to a distinguished label and playing sold out tours around the world. They had money, momentum and were fulfilling their dreams. A Divorce Before Marriage picks up the story five years later, where, due to the decline of the music industry and a change in their fortune, the band are now in a very different position.

Over the course of the next three years, we (UK filmmakers Matt Hopkins and Ben Lankester) witness each band member adjust to this change, moving into the real world of work, family and adulthood, building new careers and lives for themselves. While doing this, we see them attempt to continue their journey as a band against the backdrop of a dying music industry.

Shot entirely on RED, the film distances itself from the rockumetary genre, classing itself as an anti-music documentary. With long takes and beguiling static frames, the film carefully focuses on the creative struggles of artists and musicians against the financial and career pressures which are so prevalent in Britain today. As you’ll see with the 35mm stills on this page, the film is a true insight into a world often so misrepresented.

It was incredibly important to us to shoot on a camera which would not traditionally be associated with documentary, as it allows us to create a very different visual aesthetic from some rockumentaries which are very run and gun. Shooting on RED means you have to be very careful and considered about where you place your camera and how you capture a scene as you are not as mobile as lightweight systems like DSLR. What transpires on screen is a lot more observational and melodic in pace, tone and content.

We are now coming to an end of the three year journey and raising completion funds through a well received Kickstarter campaign where you can pledge or find out more information about the film.

See more photos and read more about the film on Kickstarter.

Matt Hopkins

Matt Hopkins

Matt Hopkins

Matt Hopkins

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