Monthly Archives: August 2014

Four Eyes – by Kendrick Brinson

David West Coast Explorers

L.A.-based photographer Kendrick Brinson shares some creative photos of her husband, David Walter Banks.

Nikon D810 and 80-400mm f/4.5-5.6 Review – by Debra L. Rothenberg

Nikon D810 - 80-400mm

NYC-based photographer Debra L. Rothenberg reviews the new Nikon D810 and the new 80-400mm f4-5.6 lens.

Basketball, Nostalgia and A Pseudo Self Portrait – by Michael Starghill


Houston-based photographer Michael Starghill photographed a basketball story of his 15-year-old nephew practicing, playing and hanging out at the same court he grew up playing at 15+ years ago.

Annie & Tony’s Wedding | Sylvania, Ohio – by Andrew Weber

Ohio Wedding

Toledo, OH-based photographer Andrew Weber shares photos of a wedding he shot in Sylvania, OH.

The Weather Channel’s Catching Hell – by Octavian Cantilli

Weather Channel Catching Hell

Orlando, FL-based photographer Octavian Cantilli photographed the cast of the new Weather Channel TV series “Catching Hell.”

As Michael Morse Goes, So Go The Giants – by Brad Mangin

Michael Morse

San Francisco Bay Area sports photographer Brad Mangin shares photos of the San Francisco Giants left fielder Michael Morse.

Miss Native American USA – by Kendrick Brinson

Miss Native American USA

L.A.-based photographer Kendrick Brinson photographed the 2014 contestants for the Miss Native American USA Pageant in Tempe, Arizona.

Photo Brigade Podcast #46 with Benjamin Norman

Benjamin Norman

On this episode Robert chats with New York City freelancer Ben Norman about all the business behind freelancing in the Big Apple from diversifying your client base, licensing stock, building corporate clients through the daily editorial gigs, and making and maintaining those important contacts in the industry.

Prime Prep for The New York Times – by Cooper Neill

Prime Prep

Dallas, TX-based photographer Cooper Neill shot a story on Prime Prep, a state funded charter school founded by former NFL superstar Deion Sanders.

A Fevered Dream – by David Walter Banks

A Fevered Dream

L.A.-based photographer David Walter Banks heeded a call West in hopes of finding a place to belong. He journeyed into the desert to tell a fictitious tale of his own creation.