In My Bag – by Brian Adams

Brian AdamsBrian Adams is an editorial and corporate photographer based in Anchorage, Alaska specializing in environmental portraiture and medium-format photography. His work has been featured in both national and international publications, and his work documenting Native Alaskan villages has been showcased in galleries across the United States. His first book of photography, I AM ALASKAN, was published in October 2013 by University Of Alaska Press with distribution by University of Chicago Press.

In My Bag

I specialize in environmental portraits, and much of the work I do is in rural Alaska for various publications and corporations.  It’s not uncommon for me to be dropped off in a village for two hours and be asked to photograph as much sense of place images and portraits as possible.  So I need my gear to be fast and easy. That being said there are a few things you will never see me without, on a travel assignment in rural Alaska. My Hasselblad 500cm, Canon 5D Mark III and some sort of a light source, usually it’s my Vivitar 283 with a Chimera softbox.  These days I have also been loving the Profoto D1. It’s a little heavier when traveling, but the light from the D1 is amazing and it’s much more powerful than the Vivitar. I carry a Gitzo G1297 basalt tripod that doubles as a light stand. Using the tripod as a light stand makes it so easy to set up fast, especially on uneven ground in -30° temperatures. All my gear needs to be easy and reliable to set up and take down, because when it’s cold out, you don’t want to be fumbling around, apologizing to your subject as they freeze.  Right now it’s summer in AK, so things are pretty easy. The light sets for only a couple hours and it’s actually pretty warm out. But, even when I am purchasing gear in the summer, I can’t order anything without thinking about the cold winter ahead of us.

Gear list:

Hasselblad 500CM
– 80mm f/2.8 CF Lens
– 50mm f/4 CF Lens
Sekonic L308s light meter
Canon 5D Mark III
17-40mm f/4
50mm f/1.2
70-200mm f/2.8
Lexar 16GB 1000x CF cards with Gepe Card Safe Extreme watertight case
Vivitar 283 with Varia Power and Flash Foot One
Paramount PC Cord, Household for Vivitar
Profoto D1 Monobloc
Paul C Buff Vagabond Battery
– 2x PocketWizard Plus III (with cables for Vivitar and Profoto)
– Chimera Super Pro Plus S Softbox
Chimera speed ring for Profoto
– Chimera speed ring for Speed Light
– Gitzo G1297 Basalt Tripod
– Giottos ball head (replacing soon, it’s falling apart)
Canon lens cloth
Giottos Rocket Air Blaster

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