Rabbit Hunting in Anson Co., NC – by Peter Taylor

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Charlotte, NC-based photographer Peter Taylor put together a video about rabbit hunting.

The rabbit hole keeps getting deeper! I am just loving shooting video and telling stories with sound and moving images. The latest video is a little story about rabbit hunting.

It’s rabbit season! No, it’s duck season! No! It’s rabbit season! Duck season! Rabbit season!

A couple of years ago, as I was starting my sporting portfolio, I reached out to some friends who are hunters and thru my friend Ben Bishop, I was introduced to his brother and his friends and rabbit hunting. I thought that this would make a great photo story as it is not something you hear much about and the locations are just amazing. I met Lee Efird on the first hunt, he is the constant. He is there on every hunt. We shot some photos on a couple of outings that first year and I went back last year for some updated pictures. Then I took the workshop and started down my own rabbit hole of video.

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rabbit hunt

rabbit hunt

rabbit hunt

rabbit hunt

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