Weird Sports 2: The Photo Book – by Sol Neelman

Portland, OR-based photographer Sol Neelman has launched a Kickstarter campaign to fund his new photo book “Weird Sports 2.”

Since 2005, I’ve photographed nearly 200 different Weird Sports around the globe while searching for the fun and unique moments in sports. Along the way – while minding my own business – something weird happened:

My passion project turned into a photo book series.

My first collection, “Weird Sports,” was published in 2011 by the fabulously talented folks at Kehrer Verlag. Sure, they produce beautiful books. But they are also beautiful people. I couldn’t be prouder to have them in my corner.

What’s really weird is all the fun(ny) publicity my project has received since its release, including The New York Times, WIRED, APAD, NPRMarie ClaireHuffPoPDN, Popular Photography – and Penthouse?! (So sorry, no link available for that.)

I’m pretty much a one-trick pony. Once “Weird Sports” went to press, I started thinking about a follow-up book. Since then, I’ve been working again with former National Geographic photo editor Mike Davis. Every few months, I’d send him recent images for an edit.

The group of selects is looking great. And it’s definitely weird! (Surprise!)

I’ve stayed in contact with Kehrer Verlag, and we agree the timing is perfect to produce a fun sequel in this series.

To make the Fall 2014 European book catalog, I’d need to turn in all materials by May. A date would be set for this summer for the press run in Heidelberg.

If things hold true to form as with my first book, “Weird Sports 2″ will be released in Europe this fall and in the U.S. in Spring 2015. However, those whose Kickstarter reward includes a copy of my book will likely receive it before the 2014 holidays.

Can you say perfect Christmas/Chanukah gift??

Learn more about the “Weird Sports 2″ photo book and help Sol fund his project here.

Weird Sports

Yes, the people at Kehrer can be very weird!

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